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A Comprehensive Guide To Roof Replacement For Your Home

A house with a dysfunctional roof is not a home. Your home should be your safe haven, but you can hardly be at peace if you constantly worry about the roofing system. If this sounds familiar, you should search for a roof replacement expert near your place.

One of the questions homeowners often struggle with is whether the situation is grave enough for a roof replacement. There is a need if you are often worried about leakages and roof blisters. Moreover, delaying replacement for too long can damage your attic and the insulation of the exterior walls.

Why should you go for roof replacement?

Let’s look at why you should start considering a roof replacement. 

Damage due to storm

Some sources reveal that severe hail storms can result in annual insured damages of billions of dollars, with millions of properties affected. It was also suggested that it’s mostly the roofs and the skylights that get damaged in a storm. 

Common factors that may damage a roof are hail, high winds, and heavy rain. Often, the shingles sustain a lot of damage and are even ripped off the roof because of strong winds.

Wear and tear due to old age.

With time, the roofing system’s shingles, tiles, and metals will lose their glory. Wooden roofs are said to last almost 25 years, while metal roofs can last up to 100 years. You will still need repairs in between. Also, longevity depends on various factors, like maintenance, climate, and the materials’ quality. 

You may want to replace roofing systems with more modern options. To explore your options, contact the experts at Advance Roofing.

To boost resale value

If it has been many years since you bought the house, replacing the roof may be a good idea and will help boost the house’s resale value. A new asphalt and metal shingle roof can get you more than a 45% return.  

No one wants to buy a house that requires them to spend thousands of dollars on revamps and replacements. You can also draw in more potential buyers by replacing the roof yourself. It could lead to a higher resale price since they appreciate your meticulous care for the property.

The roof replacement process

Here is an overview of what a professional will do during a roof replacement:

  • To get started, the expert will assess the truss structure. 
  • The expert will install a wooden deck by placing an oriented strand board (OSB) on the trusses.
  • A waterproofing layer will be applied, followed by a felt underlayment.
  • The professional proceeds by applying the shingles and usually works from bottom to top using an asphalt nail gun.
  • The procedure ends with installing the ridge vent and ridge shingles for central waterproofing.

The process of roof replacement can be very complex. As a result, undertaking the work without any prior experience can lead to safety hazards and potential damage to your property. 

The cost of roof replacement

The average roof replacement cost is between $9,200 and $12,000. The lowest amount to spend on a roof replacement is $6,700. The cost of a roof replacement can even reach up to $80,000. 

However, these expenses also depend on where you live. To get a better grasp of how much you may have to pay, you should get in touch with an expert at Advance Roofing. Sometimes, you may be advised to repair certain damaged areas instead of going for a full-blown replacement. 


The blog has covered only a few things to consider while getting a roof replacement. For a comprehensive checklist, you are advised to contact roofing experts near your area. If you want best-in-class advice on roof replacement for your home, the professionals at Advance Roofing are just one call away. 


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