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The submission of guest articles to shedshomes.com is now open. You may directly contribute articles to our website regarding home improvement-related topics and get featured. This site is a beautiful fit if you have a passion for house design and upkeep, whether a business owner or a do-it-yourselfer. We publish various information, from home improvement projects to our writers’ advice on plumbing, roofing, and electricity.

Post your work on a website with over 10,000 monthly visits and still expanding. We produce information on various themes, including architecture and real estate, home renovation, DIY projects. On our website for home improvements, we publish guest pieces and have a staff of content writers that consistently produce educational and valuable content. As a result, our website gains value over time.

For you to submit your guest post to us, we’ve outlined all the requirements and criteria you must follow. Before sending in your articles, please read and abide by our instructions.

Guidelines for Guest Posts:

We only take into consideration and accept original articles published in the English language.

Your essay must be at least 900 words long and free of any grammar mistakes. Ensure your article has a captivating title that quickly grabs readers’ interest.

Keyword-based topics should be chosen over others. When selecting titles, be as imaginative as you can. For instance, “Home Decor Ideas For Your Living Room” instead of “14 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Living Room” We like concise paragraphs since they are simpler to read.

Your article must pass Copyscape and be entirely original. Please be aware that ChatGPT or any other AI program cannot submit articles to us.

Please provide two high-resolution, royalty-free photos with your article. Your submitted images must be pertinent to the subject of your guest post.

Please be aware that you may only use three links in your article. One link will point to your website, and the other two will point to sites with high authority pertinent to your niche. If there is a suitable fit, we invite you to include internal links to content on our website.

You must cover one of the following subjects in your guest post:

  1. Improvements to homes
  2. Interior Design
  3. Home Improvement
  4. Home renovation
  5. Construction of the home, styling of the home
  6. Home Decor
  7. Renewable Energy and Home Lighting
  8. Home Improvement
  9. Upkeep
  10. Home Safety
  11. Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms
  12. Gardening and the outdoors
  13. Interior Design
  14. Renovating Jobs

Our website doesn’t accept gambling, adult, drug, or casino-related content for home improvement.

Where To Submit An Enquiry For A Guest Post

Please send your questions and articles for guest posts to EMAIL.  shedshomes01@gmail.com

Only articles that adhere to the high standards we have established for our website may be accepted by us. Any content published on our website may contain affiliate links; this is something we reserve the right to do.

So, whether you’re looking for searches like “write for us” + home improvement or “write for us + home improvement,” our website will help you find what you’re looking for.

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