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Essential Tips For Finding the Perfect Student Rental House

Finding a place to live as a student can be stressful. Getting a head start and researching beforehand can help students avoid the worst situations.

Students can find themselves dealing with bed bugs or bad landlords without snooping. These tips can ensure that students end up in a safe, clean, convenient, and affordable place to call home.

Know Your Budget

Students need to know their budget before starting their search. This will help them narrow their options and find a place that suits their needs. They should also be aware of typical utility costs and what is or isn’t included in the rent.

If they want access to amenities like a gym or pool, they should be prepared to pay more for it. They should also be aware of any hidden fees that may be involved, such as a security deposit or first and last month’s rent.

Finally, it’s a good idea to request a lease that only spans the school year, allowing students to travel or move back home during the summer. This will also help protect the property and make it easier for landlords to screen tenants.

Look at the Location

Unlike many other renters, students look for short-term lease options and sublets. This is because students often take breaks from school or transition into the workplace before graduating and have little choice but to find alternative housing.

For instance, student houses near Ohio University campus Athens OH, have accessible public transportation access. They also have to be affordable. This makes it essential for property investors to know what college tenants are looking for before investing in a student rental house.

Students prioritize proximity to campus and parking over stainless steel appliances and other high-end features. In addition, they only want to spend a little on furniture. Property owners must have detailed listings that include photos of each room and other important details.

Check the Neighbors

For many students, living off campus is their first time living independently. This means they are only sometimes the most reliable tenants, especially when paying rent.

They may also ignore rules regarding noise and parties, leading to problems with the neighbors. It’s essential to check crime rates in the area before investing in a student rental house and ensure the neighborhood is safe.

Additionally, the leases for student housing are often more flexible than those for traditional rentals. Landlords understand that students may need to move around as their educational goals change, so they usually have shorter terms. This can be a great way to save money on housing costs. However, having a guarantor in case of any issues is still a good idea.

Check the Amenities

College students are looking for housing that offers the best of both worlds. They want a home to socialize with friends, study, and comfortably relax. Many student rentals come with various amenities such as game rooms, pool tables, and BBQ stations.

Students may not have an extensive (if any) employment or rental history compared to most other rental tenants. This can make it difficult for landlords to screen them effectively. To alleviate this issue, a cosigner can be used to help ensure that the rent is paid on time.

If you are a property owner interested in renting to college students, advertise your listing in places they’re likely to look. Also, be sure to include lots of pictures so that they can get a good idea of the space.

Check the Lease

Students are often new to renting and may need a strong credit history or sufficient income to meet standard rental qualifications. Requiring a security deposit can help mitigate these risks. A clear and comprehensive lease is also crucial for students who may need to be used to living away from home or following property rules. For example, it’s essential to include a policy on parties that can damage the property and create problems with neighbors.

It’s also wise to set transparent prices and terms, including whether or not the apartment is furnished and what utilities are included. Also, make sure to screen tenants and require a cosigner. Some students may find cheaper housing options by subletting, taking over another tenant’s lease, or living in a shared space with roommates.

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