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Celebrities Living in Colorado Rustic Log Cabins

Many people enjoy living a rustic lifestyle, and nothing gets closer than a log cabin in a beautiful area with breathtaking views. Many people opt for a simple life and want to get out of big cities. The same goes for celebrities. Many find they are living in a fishbowl, with paparazzi recording their every move. Many celebrities who are tired of living in big cities and Los Angeles, where they often work, enjoy retreating to the mountains and living in relative obscurity when they are between projects.

Living in a log home in Colorado is the wish of many. But many celebrities have chosen their home, or second home, in the quiet solitude of the Rocky Mountains and other parts of the state.

The Benefit of Living in a Log Cabin:

According to The National Association of Homebuilders, there are many good reasons why celebrities and non-celebrities choose to live in log cabins. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Trees are renewable natural resources. Those concerned with the environment often opt for log cabins because many log and timber homes are made according to green standards.
  • They are made to last. Some log cabins, such as those in Europe and Russia can last many hundreds of years.
  • They stand up to Mother Nature. These homes are strong and have withstood some of the worst weather we’ve seen.
  • They blend into the land topography and integrate into the landscape.
  • They can be made quickly with a precut and pre-drilled system.
  • They are very energy efficient, due to how they are constructed.
  • You don’t have to give up technology as many have backup generators, high-tech security systems, and other technologies.

Celebrities that Choose Log Cabin Living:

Many celebrities are activists and are concerned about the environment and want to leave as little impact on the world as possible. This is just one reason why so many celebrities enjoy living off the grid when they are not working.

According to Colorado Celebrity Homes, here are just some of the celebrities who call their Colorado log cabin home when they are not working.

  • Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell: They are probably one of the most popular couples that have always maintained a log cabin in Aspen, Colorado. This is where they raised their family there. They own a two-story log cabin that has eight bedrooms and is over 6,500 square feet. They have been living in the home since 1985.
  • Muhammad Ali: During the 1970s Ali was looking for a place where he would have solitude and train for fights. He lived on a five-acre site in Deer Lake and used this facility for his workouts before big boxing matches.
  • Ralph Lauren: Fashion designer Ralph Lauren and his wife have a 16,000 ranch situated below the San Jan Mountains. It includes a log cabin lodge, several outbuildings, and guest teepees.
  • Greg Norman: Golfer Greg Norman has a sprawling log cabin ranch in Meeker, Colorado. It is on over 11,000 acres and features several log cabin properties. There is a main lodge, dance hall, bar, theater, fitness center, and spa. It was recently on the market for $55 million.

Frontier Log Homes is just one of the many builders that specialize in log home living. If you are looking for solitude among the pines, you may want to consider a beautiful log cabin and get back to nature.

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