5 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Attention

If you have an older irrigation system, consider updating it. Look for signs of leaks like puddles and damp areas that can indicate a problem with your underground pipes.

Also, watch for changes in water pressure, which could mean your control valves need to be repaired. This will ensure your yard stays evenly hydrated all year.

Pools of Water

Irrigation systems are complex and have many moving parts. As the years go by, some parts will break down and need repair or replacement. Timely repairs, upgrades, and replacements will save money and help your landscape look its best.

If you see pools of water in areas of your lawn, it could mean a leak or broken sprinkler head. Alternatively, there is an underground pipe that has ruptured.

A drip or irrigation system with many leaks can double your water bill in just one month! Upgrading your system or catching leaks early can save you gallons of wasted water. An irrigation services, MA, the team can fully inspect your system, including its underground components.

Uneven Water Distribution

An irrigation system requires regular maintenance to continue working effectively. With these necessary check-ups, your sprinklers may become worn out and malfunctioning, causing several issues, including wet spots and puddles in the lawn, changing water pressure, and more.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a repair appointment for your irrigation system. This will help ensure your landscape continues to look beautiful all summer long.

If you notice that one zone of the yard is overly wet while another area is dry, this could indicate a leak in your sprinkler pipes. 

Dripping or Damp Areas

A leaking irrigation system is more than just annoying; it can lead to serious problems for your landscape and the health of your lawn. These issues can even affect your water bill.

Wet areas of the yard indicate that your sprinklers have an uneven water distribution and are over-saturating certain spots. This can result in overwatering or underwatering of the grass, damaging its growth and curb appeal.

Often, the cause of these wet spots is a faulty control valve. If you notice that the valves in your irrigation system are leaking, you should contact an irrigation professional to fix the problem before it worsens. Other common signs of a leaky irrigation system include hissing or bubbling sounds from the irrigation lines.

High Water Bills

An overly high water bill is often the first sign that something may be wrong with your irrigation system. This can be caused by a leak or the system being set to run for too long.

The easiest way to identify a leak in your irrigation system is by checking the low flow indicator on your water meter. If the indicator is moving when the sprinklers are turned off, there is a leak in your irrigation pipe.

Other signs of an irrigation issue include brown spots in the lawn, incorrectly set zones, clogged sprinkler heads, and pooling areas on sidewalks or driveways. Investing in routine inspections and updates to your irrigation system can save you money on your water bills while also improving the health of your landscape.

Strange Noises

Sometimes, the water pressure in irrigation pipes gets out of control, resulting in strange noises. If you hear a banging sound, it means air is trapped in the pipes. This happens most often when one of the valves closes. The best way to get rid of the air is to install an air vent in a high spot in the pipe.

The air is most likely trapped when the pipe bends or changes direction. This problem is easy to fix by adding a continuous venting type of air valve at that point. This will keep the air from getting trapped in the pipe and prevent those annoying “air noises.” Just remember that air rises, so this valve should be installed at a high point.


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