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8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before the Holidays

Are you gearing up for the holiday festivities? Almost every city comes alive during the holidays, including Richardson. There is much to do, whether shopping at unique spots like Richardson Mercantile and the vibrant CityLine DFW or Richardson’s Annual Christmas Parade.

However, before you can start having all the fun, it’s a good idea to spruce up your home. This way, if you have family coming over for the holidays, they’ll be impressed with your house, and you will be remembered as a good host/hostess! Let’s look at ways you can fix your home before the holidays.

Bathroom Remodelling

You should install sleek, modern fixtures or a luxurious freestanding tub when updating your bathroom. Think about adding more storage with new cabinets or a vanity with ample space. Lighting can make a huge difference, too, so consider bright, energy-efficient options.

For vanity, go with granite or quartz countertops due to their durability and timeless design.

However, while transforming your bathrooms, make sure all fixtures and repairs are long-lasting. Think ahead! In Richardson, the humid subtropical climate poses an additional challenge. Because of the subtropical, humid climate, bathrooms can develop mold and mildew. This is where a local professional can help. They know of materials resistant to issues, saving you from headaches later. Search for companies with ample experience in bathroom remodeling in Richardson to get your bathrooms fixed and revamped. 

Entryway Impressions

Creating a welcoming entrance is all about first impressions. Since it’s the holiday season, you’ll be expecting guests, so a welcoming entrance is crucial. Start with the door itself: a vibrant coat of paint can revive even the most worn-out entryway. 

If the door is beyond a simple touch-up, replacing it with a new one can be a worthy investment, adding appeal and security. Introduce a high-quality doormat that complements your home’s style; it’s a small detail that speaks volumes about the care you take in maintaining your home. 

Then, strategically place low-maintenance, lush potted plants to frame your doorway as they act as natural ornaments, softening the transition from the bustling outside world to the sanctuary of your home.

Living Room Refresh

Refreshing your living room for the holiday season can be enjoyable and simple. Start by switching out your regular throw pillows and blankets for ones that boast festive colors and inviting textures. This simple change can significantly enhance the room’s coziness, making it an ideal spot for family gatherings and holiday cheer. 

Consider rearranging your furniture to create a more welcoming and communal space, perhaps around a focal point like a fireplace or a beautifully decorated holiday tree. Adding soft, warm lighting, like string lights or dimmed lamps, can also elevate the atmosphere, making your living room an inviting and comfortable haven for holiday festivities.

Kitchen Update

When preparing your kitchen for the holidays, consider how each change will make baking, cooking, and gathering more enjoyable. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances saves on bills and supports those big holiday meals with ease. Tighten hinges, replace handles, and fix wobbly doors on your cabinetry to make searching for ingredients a breeze. 

New countertops aren’t just visually appealing; they offer a sturdy and clean space for rolling cookies or setting up a buffet. These practical touches not only make your kitchen more efficient but also weave in that festive flair, ensuring it’s a place where everyone wants to get together. 

Dining Area Delight

Redesigning your dining area for the holiday festivities can be a delightful project. Think about replacing your everyday tablecloth with one that has a touch of holiday cheer. Choose a deep red or forest green to reflect the season’s colors, or select a cloth with subtle holiday motifs. Simplicity can be key when choosing a new centerpiece; a glass vase filled with pine cones or a cluster of candles can draw the eye without overwhelming the senses. 

Swap out your regular napkins for ones that match or contrast tastefully with your tablecloth, adding an elegant touch to your holiday table setting. Aim for cohesion in your choices, ensuring each element works together to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and family members.

Bedroom Changes

Revamping your bedroom for the holiday season can be both fun and practical. You should start with your bedding. Opt for thicker, softer materials that keep you warm and add a festive touch. Lighting plays a key role, too. Softer, adjustable lights can transform your room into a soothing sanctuary, perfect for winding down after a day of holiday activities. 

Think about the overall comfort as well. Consider introducing a plush rug or a cozy armchair where you can sip your morning coffee or evening cocoa. These subtle changes significantly create a welcoming and restful atmosphere during the bustling holiday season.

Outdoor Spaces

Sprucing up your outdoor area for the holiday season is about making the space welcoming and functional. Start with practical lighting. String lights are not just pretty; they make the area safer to navigate during the longer nights. 

Consider giving your garden furniture a thorough clean, or a new coat of weatherproof paint can work wonders if they look worn. These updates create an inviting extension of your home where friends and family can gather and enjoy the holiday ambiance. Keep the decor simple and the atmosphere warm, and you’ll have an outdoor space ready for any festive occasion.

Clutter Control

Clearing clutter from your home before the holidays can transform your living space into a tranquil sanctuary. Start with sorting through each room, deciding what to keep, donate, and discard. For the items you keep, find appropriate storage solutions, such as shelves, boxes, or drawers—that help keep them out of sight but within easy reach. 

Regularly used items should be accessible, while seasonal or rarely used things can be stored away. For paperwork, go digital wherever possible to minimize physical piles. Maintaining this order requires discipline, resulting in a more organized, serene home environment perfect for the holiday season.


As the holiday season arrives, taking the time to spruce up your home can truly make all the difference. Some basic remodeling and reorganization can transform your space into a haven of holiday cheer. With each step, from bathroom remodeling to decluttering, you invite warmth and joy into every corner, making your home a perfect place for creating unforgettable holiday memories with those you love.

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