Thinking of a Middlesex Garage Floor Change? Go Professional

Go to any hardware store in Middlesex and surrounding areas, and there will probably be a do-it-yourself epoxy flooring kit available. While these kits are widely available and are marketed as easy to use, the results can be far from it. In fact, without application experience, do-it-yourself kits can end up being do-it-yourself disasters that become large cleanup jobs as well.

Professional Services Make a Big Difference

A lot goes into applying concrete epoxy flooring in Middlesex. Much of that process is not rocket science or complicated steps; unfamiliarity leaves room for mistakes. And when mistakes happen with epoxy, it can turn into a much bigger project to repair. A good amount of the challenge starts with the preparation before the epoxy is even used.

Applying epoxy directly to a cement floor without preparation will likely become a surface layer that doesn’t stick. A garage floor will be covered with many contaminants, especially after being used quite a bit. Engine leaks, leftover tire rubber, grit from the road, other material spilled on the floor, and even dirt create a barrier from adhesion. And this is where most people make their first mistake, having never applied epoxy. They wash the floor and then assume it’s clean enough. The epoxy mix gets applied and doesn’t adhere to the cement.

Proper preparation involves completely cleaning the cement and grinding to get the surface down to a raw, new face layer. With the cement surface completely bare and new, the epoxy mix is prepared to the correct recipe and at the right application temperature. All of these steps, again, are simple in description but can be complicated for someone doing them the first time. A professional team has applied epoxy hundreds of times and has the process down to a smooth system. The difference shows in the results with proper curing and an amazing-looking flooring treatment.

A Huge Improvement for a Home

Epoxy garage floor near me treatment is a great way to protect and improve high traffic on hard floors like the garage. With both a regular use for parking a vehicle and a high amount of foot and equipment traffic, garages take a beating. Epoxy flooring treatment can do wonders for a garage’s appearance, and it will easily prolong the life of your garage, too. You won’t be embarrassed to open your garage and let it be seen by the neighborhood. The professional finish is so attractive; it’s the kind of thing that neighbors will also ask about.

Lots of Prevention helps, Too.

The durability of epoxy flooring is long-lasting, too. It resists liquids, grease, oil, tire scuff, road grit, etc. That prevention saves a garage floor and prevents premature deterioration and staining, which can make a garage floor look pretty ugly over time. Instead, thanks to epoxy, you can have a home and garage that you can be proud of. You might even become the talk of Middlesex regarding home improvement!

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