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How To Decorate Your Living Room With a Farmhouse Style

You probably spend a significant amount of time in your living room whether you lounge on the couch watching TV or entertain friends for a game night. Because you spend so much time in the space, you want it to be decorated in a stylish and comfortable way. One trending decor style is farmhouse. Here are four things every farmhouse-style living room needs.

Natural Materials

The presence of natural materials plays a huge role in farmhouse decor. Wood has an especially big impact on the farmhouse style. Metal is another material commonly found in farmhouse-style living rooms. You can incorporate these materials easily by choosing elements such as a chandelier farmhouse that is made out of wood or metal.

Instead of choosing either wood or metal for decor inspiration, layer various textures together to create your desired aesthetic. Opt for a wooden coffee table and end tables. Use galvanized metal pails to hold plants or knickknacks. You can hang plush blankets over the backs of chairs and couches to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

The good thing about the farmhouse style being so popular currently is that there are many elements you choose from when you want to incorporate natural materials. You can find lighting features in a wide variety of materials and colors, so they can be a fantastic way to incorporate farmhouse decor into your design theme. You can also use furniture, rugs and accessories to incorporate natural materials.

Neutral Colors

The color scheme of your space sets the overall tone for the theme. While it is possible to use farmhouse decor in addition to a rustic color palette, the farmhouse style is better suited for neutral colors. Paint your walls a light shade such as white, gray or beige. Your furniture should also have neutral hues, and you can add pops of color with various accessories. Remember that if you choose to use pops of color in your design, you should opt for rich, earthy hues such as barnyard red and hunter green,

Comfortable Furniture

Other design styles place an emphasis on style over comfort, but farmhouse decor prioritizes comfort and relaxation. You want to select large, plush sofas and armchairs instead of slim, stylish ones. Choose comfortable wooden chairs and soften the hard texture with plush blankets. You want the space to look comfortable and relaxing instead of modern and stylish.

Animal-Related Accessories

The farmhouse aesthetic often incorporates farmhouse animals such as cows, chickens and pigs. You may think that overusing animal-related accessories may make your space look cluttered and juvenile, but incorporating them sparingly is a great way to distinguish farmhouse decor from a rustic design theme. Consider using a framed print of barnyard animals as a focal point, or add throw pillows with pictures of cows to your couch. You don’t want the animals to overwhelm your space, but adding them sparingly adds personality to your living room.

If you enjoy a traditional, cozy aesthetic, a farmhouse-style living room could be perfect for you. Incorporate the four elements into your space to create the farmhouse look you desire.

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