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How to Deal With Furniture When Moving

If you’re in the process of moving house or apartment, it can be an exciting time. However, while you may be more than ready to shift to a new home, it can feel like some of your furniture items are being less than cooperative. 

Moving house can also be notoriously stressful, so it’s important to prepare well for the big day. As part of your to-do list, make it a priority to figure out how to get your belongings out of your old property safely and with minimum fuss.

Protect Your Items 

In some cases, padded furniture (like upholstered sectionals from Kasala) can be easier to squeeze through tight spaces – but you’ll still need to protect them from bumps and scrapes.

Wrap your items before moving (unless the item is particle board (as pressure from the wrap can cause damage). If you have a narrow opening to get through, you may want to wait until after you’ve done this, as coverings like bubble wrap can create extra bulk.

Protect Your Home

If you plan on selling (or getting your deposit back), protecting the floors and walls of your old home is essential before shifting large objects like couches or placing towels or blanks on hard flooring.

It’s also important to protect the surrounding walls and door frames: using corner guards, drop cloths, blankets, or even cardboard can help prevent unsightly scrapes and scratches from happening instead of having to fix them later on.

Be Prepared

Avoid any unpleasant surprises on a moving day by taking some measures to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible:

  • If enlisting the help of a removal company, book in advance and set a date.
  • Place these on the floor rather than stacking boxes on top of couches or other furniture.
  • Empty drawers and pack and label items ready to go back in order.
  • Remove bulky items like couch cushions first.
  • If any items can be disassembled, do this in advance.
  • Carefully pack and label fragile items such as mirrors.

Plan Your Exit Strategy

You will also need to measure the length and width of door frames and the items you want to move. In some cases, you may need to make temporary alterations, like removing surrounding molding to create a few additional inches of space.

You may have an item out in one piece, which may require a little on your part. Consider how you can angle a piece of furniture into a position that will fit through a door frame without causing damage.

Enlist Help

If you think you’ll struggle to get an item through a door, hoisting is an option, provided you have a balcony or window to do so. While some tasks can be done yourself, this is one instance where it’s essential to call in the professionals to avoid injury or damage to you or your items. 

Do not attempt to move large items by yourself; if you don’t have a removal company to help you, make sure you have a physically fit friend to help move items, offer suggestions, and share a well-earned cold drink with once you’ve reached your brand-new home.


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