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Why Every Home Needs a Snow Weight Alarm

When a snow load exceeds what your roof and structure were designed to support, it can put the building in danger of collapse. The problem is that it’s tough to know when the load is high without a technology-based system providing real-time monitoring. The weight of snow depends on its density, with powdery snow weighing the least and wet snow the heaviest. Knowing this can help property owners manage their snow removal safely and cost-effectively. It is imperative to have a roof snow alarm system if you own a business or residential structure. You can make fact-based decisions based on real-time data and receive correct real-time information from a technology-based approach.

Increased Property Value

snow weight alarm is a wise investment that helps protect your home and property. It provides real-time information, making it easy to make fact-based decisions that save you money and headaches. It also enables you to avoid the hassle of using crowbars and shovels, which can be dangerous. A roof snow alarm also increases the energy efficiency of your house by preventing heat loss from the roof. It can help reduce energy costs, save money, and keep you comfortable in hot and cold climates.

Save Money

A roof snow alarm system provides real-time alerts so that the building owner can have snow removed before it causes damage to the structure. It allows the building to operate more efficiently, which reduces energy costs. Many buildings need to be designed to handle the heavy snow load that builds up in mountainous areas. Heavy snow on a roof can cause damage to the roofing materials and even lead to structural failure. It can result in expensive repairs, a decrease in property value, and a possible threat to the safety of individuals inside the building. Traditionally, building owners have relied on unscientific methods to evaluate the snow load. These include climbing on the roof for a first-hand look and using rulers to check for signs of bowed joists. These unreliable methods can harm the building owner and lead to inaccurate evaluations. The new technology-based snow weight monitoring system eliminates these risks and saves money by providing real-time email alerts.

Reduced Risk of Damage

A roof snow alarm system lets you know when it is time to have the heavy stuff removed from your structure. It prevents structural damage that can cost money and even human lives in the worst cases. The system’s sensors detect live loads and transmit the information via wireless signals to a controller that functions as a data source. Once the sensors reach a pre-set snow volume limit, the owner receives an alert in one of three ways: by a warning light, via mobile phone through WiFi, or online. The sensor’s technology calculates the weight of snow based on its liquid water equivalent (LWE), which is how much water it would contain if it were to melt. The LWE calculation makes comparing different types of snow easier, as light and fluffy snow weighs less than wet and dense snow. The system is easy to install and works well with both new construction and existing structures.

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