How to Incorporate Granite Countertops Into Your Modern Kitchen Design

A modern kitchen tends to be devoid of ornamentation, favoring flat-paneled cabinet doors and simple hardware. But granite can still make a big statement. Dark granite colors add drama to modern kitchens. They pair well with sleek, handleless cabinets and stainless steel appliances. If you’re tired of your outdated kitchen, updating the countertop is an easy way to rejuvenate your whole space. Consider resurfacing your countertops in a color that suits your kitchen’s style.


Whether you prefer white kitchen cabinets or want to brighten your space, granite countertops Denver deliver a clean and revitalizing look. Light countertops make small spaces feel larger while contrasting nicely against darker wood cabinetry. If you opt for a busy brown granite countertop, choose a backsplash tile with slightly warmer tones that will help tone down the colors of the natural stone. The same strategy works well with beige or tan granite. Beige granite also works well in farmhouse-style kitchens. The warm, earthy hues evoke a cozy charm that complements the rustic elements of this style. Beige is the easiest granite color to coordinate, as it pairs beautifully with light and dark cabinetry. This option also works well for transitional-style kitchens.


Granite comes in warm tones that match well with modern kitchen designs but also in bolder shades like red and blue. When used as a countertop or backsplash, these eye-catching colors can be a dramatic focal point in your kitchen design. A black granite countertop can help create a sophisticated, modern look when paired with simple cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Alternatively, use it to highlight a colorful backsplash or paint color on the cabinets for an eclectic kitchen style. Edge details can also add to the look of your kitchen countertops. Consider an eased edge for your granite countertop for a sleek, modern look. This detail is more contemporary and provides a subtle contrast to the light color of the countertop.


No one can argue that granite countertops are an asset to any kitchen. They provide durability and function, allowing homeowners to enjoy their home renovation for years. However, many granite colors and designs can appear dated when not updated through careful paint color selection (matching the undertones of your granite with that of your cabinetry), thoughtful kitchen decor, new light fixtures, and intentional countertop decor placement. Consider a dark granite counter with a bold veining pattern to dramatically impact your kitchen remodel. Pair it with lighter cabinetry for a dramatic contrast that impresses you. Various granite edge treatments add to the overall look, too. For example, eased edges are soft and rounded, while bullnose and beveled edges offer more detail.


Rustic kitchen design ideas can be pulled from country farmhouses, backwoods, hunting lodges, and more. It’s a broad style, and each rustic kitchen has its twist. White shaker cabinets with a gray undertone work well with rustic wood tones in a kitchen remodel. Add accents like a yellow-and-blue scheme and a hooked rug to make the room feel homey. Brick walls are a staple in rustic kitchens, whether used to create an island or framed around the fireplace. Add a stone backsplash to complement your granite countertops and keep the look cohesive. Open shelving lets you showcase vintage dishware and handmade pottery. It also introduces a new textural contrast to your kitchen. Choose shelves in natural wood to tie the look together. Metal light fixtures and industrial-inspired appliances also work with rustic designs.


Incorporating granite countertops into your kitchen design allows you to express a range of themes in your space. Various paint colors for walls and cabinets can be complemented by the material’s vast range of color options. Try pairing white granite with different cabinets for an unexpected look that elevates your kitchen design. For example, choose granite with flecks of gold and brown to match your shaker-style cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen. Or, select a white granite with a mix of grey streaks to complement stainless-steel appliances in an industrial kitchen.

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