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Delightful designs: 5 signs it’s time to remodel your living room

The living room should be a space of style and sophistication. What’s more, it should be a place of comfortable relaxation. A space where you can kick back after a long day to your favourite film or series. It should be a place where family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. But if your space is one that makes everyone a little… discontent, then perhaps it’s time for a change!

After all, this should be a room of ultra-comfort, and not somewhere you want to escape to a cosier part of the home. With this in mind, here are five signs it’s time for a living room remodel:

  • You hate the furniture

Furniture is fundamental to a stylishly comfortable living room. So, what if you’re sick of your decor? This is where you need some brand new art deco, minimalist or French furniture to give your space a much-needed elegance injection! After all, there is nothing more unpleasant than having dingy, torn old furniture in your living room. It makes the space look unloved and unkempt. Furthermore, it’s always unpleasant to sit on, so be sure you invigorate your space with some brand new decor if you’re over the style you currently have!

  • The paint job is unpleasant

Drab old walls are a real bringdown in any home. If your space looks like it was last painted in the 1960s then perhaps it is looking a bit worse for wear. If this is the case then it is certainly time for a new lick of paint. This is one of the cruisier and cheaper living room makeovers you can undertake, so why not inject some new life into the room by adding a fresh coat of vibrant paint? Light, bright colours are great for the living room as this room typically has a lot of natural light. This natural light can then be reflected off the bright colours to invigorate the space like never before!

  • The floorplan is dysfunctional

Do you have a growing family and need space to accommodate another youngster? If so, you’ve probably noticed that the current floorplan just doesn’t make the space grade. You may have a dividing wall between the living room and the kitchen that you could remove to create an open plan. These modern designs not only allow for more space in both the living room and the kitchen, but they also allow for you to create an open plan which is great for family living. You will be able to socialise more with your little ones whilst being able to keep a watchful eye on them at the same time – it’s a winner on so many levels!

  • You want to install new gadgets

If you’re a bit of a tech-head then you are probably always thinking of ways to enliven your living room. This is especially so if you want to create the ultimate home entertainment system. If you love unwinding with the family over a new film or series then you might be considering installing new technology to make this happen. This may involve a little work to configure everything and ensure it fits your floor plan, but it’s a great way to make the living room a more social space.

  • You just want a change!

And there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re ready to create a brand new style in your space then go for it – a bit of change is always good for the mind!

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