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5 Things That Require Regular Maintenance in Your Home

Owning a home is a dream for many, but it comes with its fair share of challenges. Your home becomes almost like one of your family, demanding additional care and effort to keep it in shape. You need a sharp eye and attention to detail to preserve its structural stability, along with a sizable budget for regular repairs to keep it habitable. 

Even in Hickory, ranked among the best places to live in the US, the gradual degradation of real estate is inevitable. The city experiences considerable humidity, light snow, and occasional severe thunderstorms and ice storms. Such climate can pose regular threats to your home’s appliances, outdoor lawns, and interiors. 

As it boasts affordable yet beautiful homes and apartments, Hickory continues to be a part of relocation plans for many, being touted as the 25th best place to live in the US. So, if you’re also planning on moving here, it’s natural to be concerned about the maintenance requirements of your potential new home. To ensure that your home remains functional and comfortable, you need to know some of the things that will require regular maintenance. Luckily, we have a list of such things that require consideration. Let’s go through them! 

Inspect your Heater

This must-have appliance can give you a headache if you don’t pay attention to signs of it begging for repairs. In addition to reduced protection against extreme cold, a improper functioning in the heating device can significantly increase your monthly utility bills. So, if you notice anything like an unusual surge in your electricity bills or reduced heating, look for Heating Services in Hickory, NC without delay for a timely professional inspection of your heating system. Trying to figure out the problem yourself and delaying professional help can be risky. With the right heating services, you can get a more efficient heating system with fewer chances of subsequent breakdowns. 

Check Fire and Security Devices

A crucial step in home maintenance efforts is to keep the building ready for any unexpected disasters. But it isn’t enough to just install fire extinguishers and security systems in your home. You also need to check the system from time to time to ensure that it is functioning well to protect you in times of emergency. Regularly test your smoke detectors and keep some extra batteries as a backup to prevent unpleasant situations. In addition, make sure you know the expiration dates of your security devices for timely replacements. Also, hire professionals to clean your chimney regularly to prevent fire hazards resulting from tar or creosote build-up. 


When it comes to the appearance of your home, your outdoor lawn is aarguably the most important feature. And that’s why it deserves special care to maintain a fresh look. You need to regularly tend to your favorite flowers and plants to ensure they maintain their beauty and do not wither. Remove dead branches, weeds and trees to make room for new plants. Daily watering, weekly pruning, and occasional trimming are necessary to prevent dead leaves from piling up in your garden or lawn. 

Not only do dead leaves affect the appearance of your exterior, but they might also attract pests to your garden. Continuous invasion by pests and collection of dry leaves can increase the risk of disease and fire hazards, respectively. 

Maintain Appliances and Fixtures

The appliances you use on a daily basis are prone to some amount of wear and tear if not maintained properly. Whether it be your kitchen floor and countertops, appliances like your refrigerator, or your bathroom faucet and showerheads, most appliances and fixtures will experience leaks, clogs, rust, and stains as inevitable consequences of frequent use. So make sure you clean everything regularly. Every month, take some time out of your schedule to mark the following items on your checklist:

  • Scrub your bathroom tiles to get rid of mold build-up
  • Inspect your kitchen and bathroom taps and replace them if they are leaking
  • Clean the appliances like your dishwasher and vacuum cleaner according to the instruction manuals
  • Remove built-up frost from your freezer to avoid unpleasant odors and malfunction
  • Clear your sink drains of any debris and dirt that may have piled up
  • Wash your carpets and rugs to prevent dust pile-up
  • Vacuum the bathroom exhaust fan grill5 – Check Plumbing

Checking the plumbing system is a crucial step in maintaining your home, preventing unwanted costs and time wastage in the future. After all, you use your plumbing system every day. If it’s out of order, you’ll definitely be inconvenienced during every part of the day. From a dysfunctional toilet and shower to a blocked sewage system to a damaged water heating system, there are tons of things you need to keep an eye on. So, it’s best to stay vigilant and prepare beforehand to avoid major issues. 

Regularly looking for signs of damage and taking certain precautions can prevent major failures that would require considerable time to solve. Indicators that you need to upgrade parts of your plumbing system include:

  • Discoloration or rust build-up on metal pipes
  • Cracks in plastic components
  • Issues with water heat or water pressure
  • Dripping faucets
  • Leakage in water pipes
  • Sewage odors pervading your interior

If you notice any of these, you can save considerable money by hiring professionals for these small repairs. On the other hand, if you delay seeking professional help until the entire system becomes dysfunctional, not only will the repairs cost you heavily, but it may take weeks for experts to restore its normal function. 


Home maintenance is necessary no matter where you live. Continuous use of appliances, daily chores, and changing weather conditions can cause great damage. Therefore, home ownership is a tough job, requiring consistent effort, precaution, and inspection to maintain its comfort and habitability. 

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