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5 Common House Cleaning Myths Debunked

Keeping your home clean is an art and a science, and with so many tips, tricks, and hacks floating around, it’s easy to get swept up in ones that promise to make our chores easier or more effective. But, keep in mind that not all of them are as useful as they claim to be, and some are just myths.

To help you separate fact from fiction, we’ve teamed up with experienced home cleaners of Pickering to bring you the truth behind some of the most common cleaning myths. Let’s dive into these misconceptions and shed light on what really works when it comes to keeping your home sparkling clean.

Myth 1: The More Cleaning Product, the Better

It’s easy to believe – and seems intuitive to think – that using more cleaning products means a cleaner home. However, this is far from the truth. In most cases, using more products is simply unnecessary. The smaller amount would have the same effect, and the rest just ends up being wasted. 

More than that, excessive use of cleaning agents can leave residues, attract dirt, and even damage surfaces. It’s important to use the right amount of product, which is just enough to effectively and easily clean the surface.

Myth 2: Cleaning Eradicates All Germs

Standard cleaning does reduce the number of germs, yes, but it doesn’t eliminate them entirely. This is the main difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. The purpose of cleaning is to remove visible dirt, dust, and grime, and make surfaces gleam. The process will surely reduce the number of microbes, but it’s not designed to eradicate them. 

To make surfaces entirely germ-free, for example, if they’re high-touch or during illness, you’ll need to disinfect them. In everyday scenarios, regular cleaning and sanitizing of high-touch surfaces is usually enough for a safe environment.

Myth 3: Gadgets Can Replace Traditional Floor Cleaning

In recent years, innovation has touched the realm of home maintenance too, with home cleaning gadgets now easily accessible to most. Among them, robotic vacuums and mops stand out as beloved favorites. These gadgets are a fantastic addition to any home, but don’t be misled into thinking that they can completely replace traditional floor upkeep. 

The goal of these gadgets is to help with daily maintenance and extend the time between deep cleans, but manual floor upkeep remains irreplaceable. Don’t forget to plan for thorough vacuuming and mopping sessions, and then lean on technology for daily touch-ups.

Myth 4: Harsh Cleaners Always Work Best

Dirt, grime, and grease can be quite stubborn in their attempts to stick to surfaces, and the best solution often lies in using a heavy-duty cleaner to dislodge and remove them. Given how efficiently these harsher products work on even the toughest of stains, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that there’s no harm in using them on many other or even all surfaces around the house.

However, using only harsh cleaners may damage surfaces and materials, leave residue, and impact air quality. Trust the ‘heavy-duty’ label and use them only for heavy-duty cleaning. Always start cleaning with the gentlest product you have, and move on to the harsher ones if you’re getting no results.

Myth 5: Cleaning Less Often Saves Time

Skipping regular cleanings may seem like a time-saver, but it leads to the need for more intensive cleanups later, which are far more time-consuming. There are more benefits to regular maintenance than keeping your home clean. It’s a way to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, whose removal can be a daunting process. 

When you dedicate a bit of time each day to house cleaning, you’ll save a lot of time, even when you add it all up. If you struggle to find the time for housekeeping, cleaning services are always an option. Still, remember that even with them, a regular schedule is a must to keep your space visibly clean and easy to maintain.


All in all, debunking common myths is a good way to streamline your cleaning routine and achieve better results. Dive into research and revel in the joy of discovering new, efficient methods, but don’t let the whirlwind of tips sweep you off your feet, no matter how popular they seem to be. Keeping your cleaning journey informed is the best way to make the process more efficient and your home always spotless!

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